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January 17, 2011

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Company Overview

The Beginning
Thumbnail showing saJWare's first website's main page (2004-2006) saJWare Corporation was founded as a Multan, Pakistan based technology firm in September 2004 by Sajjad Mustehsan. While it took a while for the firm to achieve significant profitability, unlike most startups, saJWare was fortunate enough to get its innovative ideas heard by some major local organizations. This gave the company, the opportunity to work with them soon after its founding. This exposure in general, helped lay the foundations of the company's operations and paved the way for its current growth & stability.

The Present
Thumbnail showing saJWare's old website's main page (2006-2010) saJWare has grown to become a well known enterprise. Over the years since its inception, the firm has diversified its business portfolio by entering the agriculture machinery distribution, manufacturing, and dairy industries. Amongst other things, saJWare has entered into exclusive distribution agreements with foreign agricultural machinery manufacturers such as Fimaks Makina A.s. of Turkey and has had tremendous success in selling and servicing hundreds of machines throughout Pakistan. In order to capitalize on this growth, saJWare is proactively seeking to diversify by entering allied business areas.

The Future
Thumbnail showing saJWare's current webpage saJWare looks towards the future with cautious optimism. The future of the technology and manufacturing industries appears to be bright in underserved markets and saJWare aims to capitalize on all opportunities offered by this trend. Over the next few years, saJWare plans to continue offering more products and services and diversifying itself by adding new business divisions. We believe that this will not only allow us to retain our current competitiveness but will also enable us to build on our strengths; thereby, enabling us to realize our aspiration of becoming a universally respected, symbol of success.