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January 17, 2011

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Fimaks saJWare exclusive distribution contract signing ceremony thumb image saJWare's Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Husain Mustehsan has had a strong interest in improving herd productivity throughout the 25 years that he has been farming. In 2005, he embarked on an ambitious project to establish a modern dairy operation, Best Cows Co. (now saJWare Dairies). He knew that without adequate mechanization, sustaining a large scale dairy operation was virtually impossible.

For years, both Sajjad and himself had been searching for dairy farm machinery but had not had much success in finding something that was appropriately sized and priced for dairy operations in Pakistan. The team was introduced to Fimaks by a South African friend and orders were placed for Best Cows. Around this time, Sajjad noticed an opportunity in distributing the equipment in Pakistan and following negotiations, a contract was signed in Bursa, Turkey.

Thumb image of Punjab Governor's visit to a saJWare exhibit saJWare's agrarian roots, an exemplary work ethic that is backed by a solid product line, and a business plan that truly reflects our mission, are the foundations of our success. Today, saJWare is nationally recognized as the leading supplier of quality farm equipment and services. It has become Pakistan's largest dairy machinery supplier and has won the trust of almost all significantly sized dairy operations in the country - public as well as private.

Client success is at the core of saJWare's mission. For our clients to be successful, we understand that helping them get the right equipment is simply not enough - they have to be supported throughout their project's lifecycle. Because of this, we have invested significantly in after sales support and have earned a solid reputation for on-field servicing and parts delivery. In addition to maintaining an active stock of spares, our team receives frequent training from the manufacturers.