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January 17, 2011

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Below are some facts associated with saJWare's corporate citizenship:

Founded 2004
Incorporated at Multan, Pakistan
Chief Executive Officer Sajjad Mustehsan
Chief Operating Officer Husain Mustehsan
Industries Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Trading
Head Office 139 Mall Plaza, Multan Cantt, Pakistan
Collaboration Fimaks, Turkey and EYS Ltd, Turkey
Memberships Multan Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission
saJWare's existence and growth are motivated by its desire to enrich the masses by developing state of the art commercial systems that positively impact life while meeting market demands in an efficient and ethical manner. Quality products and services delivered cost effectively serve as the cornerstone of our mission. Our most valuable assets are our employees who share our passion of serving our clients without compromising on the very values that make us who we are.

saJWare embraces diversity and encourages people to be themselves while promoting respect, dignity, and honor in all of our interactions. We understand that a satisfied customer is our biggest dividend that can only be earned by a committed team that is capable of delivering on today's challenges. We lay great emphasis on providing a safe and environmentally friendly work environment in which our team can thrive.

saJWare truly believes in winning the trust of all its stakeholders - our clients, employees, shareholders, and everyone else who is touched by our work - in order to sustain its growth and financial strength.