- Fimaks, Turkey
- EYS, Turkey


January 17, 2011

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Over the years since its inception, saJWare has established business relationships with several international corporations. Of these, saJWare exclusively represents the following in the markets that it serves:

Fimaks Makina A.S.
Copyright (C) 2008 Fimaks Makina A.S. Bursa-Karacabey, Turkey based Fimaks is one of Turkey's top agricultural machinery manufacturers specializing in the design and production of mechanical equipment used to support dairy farm operations. In 2006, saJWare signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Fimaks in Turkey and introduced the brand in Pakistan. Today, saJWare has earned Fimaks the status of the leading dairy machinery supplier in the country by providing quality sales, service, and marketing support.
EYS Metal Ltd.
Copyright (C) 2008 EYS Ltd. EYS is an Aydin, Turkey based solutions provider for industrial dewatering and composting systems. It serves a range of industries where separated solids and/or liquids from the original fiber-rich waste can be reclaimed as either by-products or to be fed back into the main process. In 2008, saJWare signed an exclusive distribution agreement with EYS and is in the process of introducing the brand in Pakistan's evolving semisolid waste processing industry.