January 17, 2011

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Contact Information

saJWare Corporation contact info thumb image saJWare maintains multiple facilities in the Multan and Lodhran districts of Pakistan's Punjab province. The company's head office, which handles most external communications, is located in the heart of Multan Cantt. saJWare Dairies is located three (3) kilometers from Adda Permit towards Shujabad on the Permit-Shujabad Road in district Lodhran of Pakistan's Punjab province.

saJWare welcomes visitors to its facilities. However, all visits to saJWare Dairies need to be approved and coordinated in advance with saJWare's head office in Multan. Provided below is the contact information for each of saJWare's facilities:

saJWare Head office desk image saJWare Head Office
139 Mall Plaza,
Multan Cantt,
Punjab 60000, Pakistan   (map)
T: (92)-61-4783363, 4783364
F: (92)-61-4581801

saJWare Dairies Exterior Thumbnail Image saJWare Dairies
3 Km Permit-Shujabad Road,
District Lodhran,
Punjab 59320, Pakistan   (map)
T: (92)-608-534110
C: (92)-345-8792321