January 17, 2011

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saJWare Growing thumbnail image showing Fimaks Transplaner with Rubber Grips This section presents farm equipment that is distributed by saJWare for preparing agricultural fields for sowing, the sowing process itself, and for nourishing the crop during its growth phase. In addition to providing the machinery, saJWare provides after sales support such as training, on and off field maintenance services, and spare parts. Equipment listed below is grouped by its field application:

Field Preparation
•    Para Plow
•    Flail Shredder
•    Seedbed Tiller
Sowing & Transplanting
•    Vegetable Seeder
•    Mulch Laying Machine
•    Over Transplanter
•    Transplanter
•    Pneumatic Seed Drill
Sustaining Growth
•    Fertilizer Spreader
•    Sprayer