January 17, 2011

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Our Produce

Thumbnail image of the farm fields at the saJWare Dairies Everyone at saJWare Dairies strives to contribute to a product line that is worthy of the saJWare brand. We understand that all our investments into technology, policies, procedures, processes, and other aspects of our business culminate into one thing: our product line. With this philosophy as the primary driver, the saJWare Dairies team has a 25 year history of contributing to the finest dairy produce.

What started as Mr. Husain Mustehsan's personal hobby in mid 1980s grew on to become one of the nation's biggest raw milk suppliers to Nestlé Pakistan by 1999. In 2005, Mr. Mustehsan embarked on the journey to take his efforts to a new level by formalizing his dairy into a fully mechanized and automated corporate dairy while still preserving the essential values of a traditional farm.

Today, saJWare Dairies is proud to have strengthened the values of our traditional roots. saJWare maintains its own dairy herd that is looked after meticulously, around the clock. Our fleet of pre-harvesting, harvesting, and post-harvesting equipment ensures that this herd is provided the finest of the most organic consumables that are grown on our own fields, under the supervision of a team that has mastered the art of farming over the last half century.

It is this blend of values, traditions, and sheer dedication that works together to help produce the purest raw milk and feed that we supply to our clients with pride.