January 17, 2011

Social Media

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The Herd

saJWare Dairies cow feeding on a TMR diet saJWare Dairies maintains a growing herd of over 180, mostly Holstein-Sahiwal (75%-25%) mix, cattle which are looked after meticulously, around the clock. Our fleet of pre-harvesting, harvesting, and post-harvesting equipment ensures that this herd is provided the finest of the most organic consumables that are grown on our own fields, under the supervision of a team that has mastered the art of farming over the last half century.

Prior to the technological upgrades, the company firmly believed that a combination of foreign and local breeds was essential to having a herd that could perform well in the local weather conditions. However, upon completion of the technological and infrastructural enhancements that are currently underway, the company is planning to expand its existing, smaller herd of pure Holstein cattle since technology has now made maintaining such a herd feasible.